Addi Graduates Preschool

My SWEET Addi graduated Preschool the end of May. She enjoyed it so much. She went with her best friend and cousin Brooklyn. I just can't believe how fast time goes by! Here are a few of the millions of photos I took...
Addi and Brooky walking to their seats...what dolls!

Addi was grinning from ear to ear and waving at us the entire time.

Addi sang so loud and was VERY comical!!!

Addi and Brooky got to sing Patty Cake together.

Oh how I love this song, Tuti Tu! It is my absolute FAVORITE and the actions are so dang hilarious!!!

Addi getting her Diploma from one of her teachers Mrs Alesha.

The two Graduates, these two are so stinking cute!

Addi had a lot of her family come to her graduation, thank you all for coming to support my sweet Addi. We LOVE you Addison!!!


Eagle Mt 1st Annual Rodeo

For our Memorial Day weekend we went to Eagle Mt's first annual rodeo. Jordan had to help so we didn't see him much, but we had a good time with our family and friends.

Me, my sister in law Angela and very good friend Amanda sporting the hats.

Me and my sexy cowboy!

My favorite part of the rodeo (besides all the fun music) is the Broncs and Bull riding.

Porter with good friends Mckayla and Macey just before the calf scramble.
They got to chase calves to try to get two tickets off their tails for prizes.
It was so dang fun to see all the little kids running their hearts out after the calves.

The kids had a BLAST at the calf scramble, they each got two bags of prizes. My niece Sammy got the big prize, an X-Box 360 (my brother was just a little excited).
Eagle Mt poled off a great rodeo, good job to all the city employees.


Our Final Hours

A lot has changed since I last blogged...we sold our home in Spanish Fork to build again, this time in Lehi closer to my husbands work in Eagle Mt. We now live a big 5th wheel at my parents house. I think I have finally gotten use to the idea that I sold my beautiful home I loved so much and to leave my wonderful neighbor hood and my church calling (I still miss that...a lot)! The kids are having a blast at Grandmas house, they have lots of room to run around out side. I think I had the hardest time with the move, this kind of change is so hard for me, I get so attached. But I am excited for this new adventure, building again and meeting new people. I just can't wait to be settled again in a good neighbor hood. I do love the area we are going to be building in, we will have plenty of land for the kids to run around on and we will even be able to have animals, maybe a Mule or two (my husbands planes). So I say bring on the adventure!
Here are some of our final hours at our home...
Cleaning Addi's room, wow I had know idea she had this many stuffed animals .

Our last family pictures in front of our home! :(

WOW, looking at these pictures make me so sad! We had a lot of good memories in this home. We brought Addi home from the hospital in this house, it's all she new. Porter was potty trained and lost his first teeth in this house and a lot of other fond memories. I will truly miss my home!