Grandma's Easter Egg Hunt

Christian,Porter,Sammy and Addi waiting to do the Easter egg hunt.

Heather and sweet little Jocelyn.

My little brother's little Jerzey.

Addi hauling butt for the candy.

Porter and Addi getting hooked up.

The kids checking out all their goods.



Easter Sunday

The kids were so excited to wake up Easter morning to see that the nice little Bunny left a candy trail from their bedrooms to their baskets.

Porter got a big army tank with army guys...he's all boy.
Addison got her first barbie doll that came with a mommy dog and 3 pups.
She was most excited about the dogs...she's obsessed!

Porter got a watch he has been wanting.

The kids each got a nice church book.

Porter left the Easter Bunny some carrots and this is a note the bunny left him.

The kids LOVED the game they got...Don't Break the Ice. They had a hard time putting it away to get ready for church. They finally did and don't they look cute?


Harris Easter Egg Roll

Every year the Harris family get together for a fun Easter Egg Roll. It is the one time of the year I don't care if my kids get too dirty. We have so much fun roasting hot dogs and rolling our Easter eggs down a big hill in a trench. Everyone ends up with a prize, so their are no crying kids.
It is a wonderful tradition that we look forward to each year!
My two cute kids ready to get dirty and have some fun!

Porter with cousin Brayden exploring.

Amber with her big boy Ryker. So cute!
Addi eating her hot dog with her cousins Hayley and Lidia.

Everyone on top of the hill getting ready to roll their eggs.

Porter checking out how he did.

Baby Oakley hang with Uncle Mark.

Addi showing her daddy where her egg ended up.

Porter came in 2nd place with his egg roll and picked out this HUGE red pen.
Addi picked out this painting kit for her prize.
It was another great Easter egg roll!


Coloring Easter Eggs

I love watching my kids enjoying the little things in life, they are a true reminder of what is important in life (The little things).