Happy 6th Birthday Porter!

My Poor attempt on making a Star Wars cake he wanted. Make a Wish Bud!

Porter has been asking for a new Star Wars room, So for his B-day we got him the Star Wars bedding he has been patiently waiting for. (He has had a picture of it hanging in his room for probably 4 months now). Of course his Dad had to get him a big boy 4-wheeler, Porter does LOVES it!

Porter's 2nd Birthday Party with the Harris side. What a lucky kid.

What a Happy Big Boy!

Porter LOVES Star Wars and Lego's, so naturally with his Birthday money he bought Star War Lego's. HAPPY BIRTHDAY Son we LOVE you!


Happy Thanksgiving

I am most grateful for my WONDERFUL and CARING Husband who is so patient with me and the kids(He balances me out), and of course, my most the time SWEET kids! They are such a joy in my life, who can always make me smile by the cute things they say and do! Life would be BORING without them.

Swimming after a Big Thanksgiving dinner did not hold back the kids or Uncle Mike from taking a dip in the pool.

Addison and her sweet cousin Christian.

Porter and his Goggles

We had a Great Thanksgiving. It was my moms year, It is always so crazy, yet so fun!
I am so Grateful for my Wonderful Family. I don't know what I would do with out them, we always have so much fun together, the laughing never ends. I love you Family!


Twilight has Finally Arrived!


Here is a table full of Twilight raffle prizes. My friend rented a theater at Thanksgiving Point and sold raffle tickets for Awesome prizes! Thank you Keri, it was soooooo much fun! I did win a shirt that says "Consider Me Dazzled" I love it.

Some of our group at the midnight showing, Keri, Ashley, Jessie ,me(wearing the t-shirt I won),Heather and Tiffney. The movie was GREAT! I was so happy with it. I was per ma grin through the entire movie! I can't wait to go again, soon! Edward was AWESOME in the movie, it was great to see his face, I think I have a crush!


Our Wrestler

Porter was so excited to try wrestling. Some of his older cousins wrestle and I think they got him into it. As you can see his lacking NO confidence at his first "match"! Doesn't he looks so cute in his singlet?

Porter takes down his opponent!

The winner is Porter! Most important tho is that he had a blast. Good thing for his BIG muscles!


Toothless Wonder

It was a exciting time in the Harris home, Porter lost his first tooth and we love making a BIG deal out of the first everything! When I first pulled it out he didn't know what to do...cry, laugh or what. He decided it was cool, the Tooth Fairy is coming!

Porter putting his tooth under his pillow for the Tooth Fairy, he was so excited!

The next morning Porter was delighted to find Fairy dust in his bed and on his cheek (he must have gotten a kiss from the Tooth Fairy) and $1.00, lucky I only got 25 cents. He thought it was so cool and can't wait for his other teeth to fall out.


Park City

Every year at this time my Grandma, Mom and sisters go up to Park City for our BIG shopping weekend without kids or husbands (we do love them tho). It is something we all look forward to all year long, I think we should do it twice a year!
Are we there yet?

The stroller came in handy even without out are kids,
at least we didn't have to carry our own bags.
(My brilliant idea!)

Dinner out with the girls.
Tiffney, Heather, Me, Jennifer, Bristina, Grandma and Mom.

I bought this Halloween guy at Wal.Mart up there, heck it was 75% off.
I decided to play a prank on my little sis, you should have seen her face when she woke up!

Our yearly picture with all our bags. LOVE IT!

We always go to the Chocolate Factory on Main to get a apple pie carmel apple.
Their the BEST!
Thanks Girls for another FANTASTIC trip to Park City!


Girls Night Out

All tho I love being a Mom, I ALWAYS look forward to going out with my friends!
Shelly and Emmale have been great friends to me since my Jr. High days.
It's always good to see you two and pick up where we left off, Love ya guys!


Candy, Candy, Candy!

The Halloween after math.
I now I'm going to eat most of it, I LOVE candy, especially chocolate!