Family Photos

A few weeks ago we had the dreaded family photos done, well at least I dread them.
It is always nice to have them once they are done, so here are a few of the 85.




MAKE THE BEST FRIEND! Brooky and Addi are only a day a part and are the best of friends!
They are so cute together and they act just like sisters, even the fighting part.


Trick or Treat

The cute kiddos ready to start Trick or Treating, Addi as a sweet witch, Porter as Captain Rex Clone Trooper and Princess Fiona as a Princess.
Our first stop was the Salem trick or treating with cousins, London,Christian and Brooklyn.

Heather the Hill Billie and me as the Witch.

The kids at Grandma Harris' house. There they decorated their own cup cakes, which they thought was so fun.

Addi,Porter,Brin,Brock,Chayce,Grandma and Jerzey at Great Grandma's
The kids trick or treating around our neighbor hood. It is always so fun, kids running around every where, Halloween music and strobe lights...I love it!

After a fun night of trick or treating...which they got a ton of candy, we ate a pumpkin pizza, put on our jammies and watched Ice Age Dawn of the Dinosaurs.
We had a Happy Halloween!