A Wonderful Christmas Day

Every year I find myself waking up before the kids so excited and every year I end up waking them up because I can't wait (some things never change)! I woke them up and Jordan at 6:30 to see if Santa had came...Oh he did! The kids got what they asked for, I must have been good cause even I got a surprise. The smiles on the kids faces were priceless. Christmas is so Magical and I am sad it is over, until next year.

The kids running out to see what they got. This is my favorite part, I love to see the look on their faces.
Porter got his Bakugan game he was excited about, with a few other surprises.

Addison LOVES her Little Pet Shops, so do I, there the cutest little things!

Santa was good to me, I got a new Canon digital camera...YA!
Thanks Santa!

Opening presents Addi got more Pet Shops, she was so thrilled.

When Porter opened his Wii and Wii Star Wars game he freaked, I mean wigged out, rolling around on the floor, jumping up and down. It was cute, I only wish I had it on video.
So I think he liked it!

Porter gave Addi these cute little puppies, which she was ecstatic about, she ran and gave him a huge hug.

The kids also got a few games. I love this classic one, Hungry Hungry Hippos.

We had a Wonderful Christmas and hope you all did as well.



We went to Grandma and Grandpa Harris' house first for a Wonderful Christmas dinner.
The Grand Kids with Grandma and Grandpa.

The kids enjoy dressing up for the Nativity Play.
After the kids opened presents from Grandma &pa Harris, we headed to Grandma & pa Goodrich's. Every year we all draw names (their are so many of us now) and we always open them on Christmas Eve. Along with their Christmas jammie's.

Every year I look forward for the kids Christmas jammie's. There is something about jammie's that I have a weakness for. They just look so Cute and Cuddly.
The kids were so excited to get home, so Santa would come. Addi told Jordan to go faster the whole way home. "Go faster Dada, Go faster, faster". We had another GREAT Christmas Eve with Family, just how it should be!


Snow Much Fun!

Porter and his cousin London.

Addi was so excited to play in the snow. She looks so cute all bundled up.

What Snow Angels.

London had a bright idea to barrie her in the snow.

Daddies Little Helper.

The finished Product!


Merry Christmas!



Christmas Party

Addi was refusing to sit on Santa's lap, so I told her all she needs to do is tell him what she wants for x-mas. When I forced her on his lap she looked at him and screamed in terror that she wanted "PET SHOPS"! It was thee funniest thing, we all started laughing. (You had to be there).

Porter is my BRAVE BOY now and hoped right up on to his lap and told him that he wanted "BAKUGON".


Love'n Lip Gloss

Addi loves to get into my lip gloss, this time was pretty bad. As you can see she not only put it on her lips, but ALL OVER her entire face and neck! She is so SPARKLY. I couldn't get mad, she looked so cute and was so proud of herself (I need to give her lessons).I guess I need to make sure all my lip gloss is out of reach!


Gingerbread Houses

The Kids went to their Grandma Harris' to build Gingerbread Houses. I think they ate more candy than they put on their houses.



Oh Christmas Tree!

The kids ENJOY helping decorate the Christmas Tree. They love to look at their past Christmas photo ornaments (each year I buy photo frame ornaments and put each kid on Santa's lap and a Family one in the frames, It is so fun to look back at how the kids have grown). Addi will put all hers on the same branch. Porter is the decorating police and will get mad at Addi for not doing it RIGHT,(or his way). All in All it is a good time.I just LOVE this time of year! MERRY CHRISTMAS!


Christmas Dance

Addi's little Christmas recital was so cute. They danced to "All I want for Christmas is a Hippopotamus" It is such a fun song. She had a good time dancing. This was actually her dress rehearsal, (We couldn't make it to the actual dance recital up at the Festival of Trees). Dosen't she look ADORABLE!