Family Pictures this year were actually fun,(Beats going a Studio)! It was hard choosing a few of my favorite out of a hundred.


Porter's Good Behavior Reward

Porter filled up his Good Rewards Chart a few days after Addi.
He choose to go to Jumping Jacks for his special reward.
The kids had so much fun there and wore their selves out.
For lunch he wanted to go to his favorite pizza place, The Pizza Factory .

Great job son for being so good.
Remember, Good Behavior = Good Rewards!


Good Behavior = Good Rewards

The kids have Good Behavior charts at home, so every time they listen the FIRST time or share etc. they get a sticker for their chart. It seems to work, anyways once it is full they get to go do something special. Addi chose to go to The Build-A-Bear Workshop. She had a blast! It was great to see the excitement on her face!
Step 1: Choose Your Pet
It wasn't hard for Addi, she new she wanted a puppy.
Step 2: Fluff Your Pup

Step 3: Make A Wish On Her Heart

Step 4: Give Her A Bath

Step 5: Give Her A Name...Princess

Here is our Princess with her princess.



New Years Eve Party.

My little sissy Heather had a New Years Eve party at her house (Pajama theme party).
Most of the Fam showed up along with family friends. It was a blast playing games and the Wii with family to bring in the New Year. We watched the ball drop at 12:00am, yelled Happy New Year,kissed and then everyone went home to get kids to bed. It's not like it used to be! We had a great time and there is now where I'd rather have been then with family (maybe with family on a beach somewhere). Hope you all had a Happy New Year!
Mario Cart was the life of the party.
Playing with Heather, Jed and my sister in-law Angela.

The men's turn to play.
Jake, Jordan, Jed and Matt

Cute little couple brother Jake and wife Kasha.

Me and good friend Amanda. (She was showing off her new phone)

Bringing in the New Year with my Beautiful Family!
I am not really making any new years resolutions because it is always a let down for me.
This year I am going to try to have more fun and remember the important things in life!