The Cabin

We had our annual cabin trip in July, we usually go over the 24th weekend but we headed up a week later this year. We were not able to go up until Friday night the 30th but we made it just in time for the smore feast...which everyone loved (they were the big daddies)!

After the smores settled the guys played some horse shoes.

That night we pulled out Settlers...thee funniest game ever.

Saturday morning Jordan gave the kids a ride on uncle mike's trails bike.

Even our Fiona went for a ride.

We always go skeet shooting (they have a contest they always play).
McKenna, Paige, Porter, me and Matt
Porter was in charge of releasing the skeet's. He thought that job was fun!
Me and my sexy hubby!

I told Porter if he tried shooting it then I would...

so here goes nothing!

Everyone getting ready to start the contest.

Our trip got cut very short, we were there less then 24 hrs when we found out our sweet Addi has diabetes. The Doctor told us to take her to Primary Children's right away. Porter stayed with the others for the rest of the weekend. We packed our stuff and took our baby girl to the hospital...at that moment our lives changed forever.