Princess Fiona arrived today and we are so HAPPY to have adopted her!
Weight: 4-5lbs
Length: around 18''
Age: 5 yrs old
She is part Yorkie and Maltese and is so beautiful!
She has been adjusting shockingly well and is already such a joyous addition to our family!
She has a sweet personality and is very good with the kids. The kids just LOVE her to death!
(They are already fighting over her.)
Just look at this face...



$20.00 Bribe

I told Porter I would give him $5.00 to let me pull his front dangling tooth out.
He said " $20.00 no $100.00" Needless to say I went for his first burgeon. He was so brave as I held his tooth in a paper towel and twisted it and out it came.
Doesn't he look adorable with out his two front teeth...worth the $20.

The next morning he woke up and found fairy dust and a $2.00 bill.
He thought that was pretty neat, he has never had a $2 bill before.

Fish Lake

For the Labor Day weekend we head to Fish Lake with our good friends Adam and Angie Ferre and her brother Keven and his family. We had a great time fishing, building forts and swings, roasting marshmallows, exploring and going to Capitol Reef National Park. It is always good to get away to spend time together!
Addi with McKayla and Macey Ferre, who she is obsessed with.

My good friend Angie and I enjoying the great out doors.

Of course it's not camping with out s'mores!

They made a fort and
the boys had a blast with the sling shots!

One afternoon we head to Capital Reef National Park.
We had never been there, it was a pretty place.

This is a cool Chimney Rock

and these are the twin rocks.

The kids had fun playing on this tree's roots.
They were so long, it was crazy!
All the kids...McKayla, Lexie, Macey, Keeven,
Brodrick, Bridger, Porter, Addi and Kyler.
On the last night there the kids had a dance party, they had a blast!
    Brodrick Ferre and Addi shaking what their momma gave them!

What a sunset...

We had such a great time at Fish Lake hanging out with our good friends.
We can't wait to do it again, the kids just have a blast together in the good old outdoors.


My Baby Goes to Pre-School

I can't believe that my baby is old enough to go to school, where has the time gone? She was so excited to finally go to school, she just said "see ya mom" after I walked her in.
Her cousin Brooklyn is going with her, so that makes it easier.

Grandma Goodrich made their dresses, don't they look so adorable on them?!

Addi and Brooky LOVED their first day of Pre-School.
Love ya girls!