7 Layers

Addi had an accident so I told her to go put on a clean pair of panties... she came out with seven pairs on. It was so dang cute, I just laughed.


Summer T- Ball

It's a home run.

My little 3rd baseman.

Porter in action.


I Can't Belive...

9 years ago today I married the man of my dreams! It is so AMAZING how our love for each other keeps getting stronger every year! I am so BLESSED to have a husband that is so THOUGHTFUL, UNDERSTANDING and PATIENT. He is an amazing father to our two wonderful children, more then I could ask for! HAPPY anniversary Jordan, I LOVE you more than words and am so excited to spend FOREVER with YOU!


Memorial Day in Moab

We rented a camp trail with Jordan's little brother Ryan and his family along with his older brother Mark and my little sis Bristina. We headed to Moab for 4 days and we had so much fun even with the bipolar weather. We shopped in town, hiked, went swimming, the guys road their trail bikes. We can't wait to go down again, it was a nice change of scenery.

Me and my sister in law Karlie.

My little sis Bristina came along for the fun!

Hallie, Ryan, Karlie, Mark, Porter, Me, Jordan and Addi

Jordan, Porter, me, Addi, Mark and Hallie on are way to one of the arches.

Addi, Hallie, Ryan, Oaklie and Porter taken a break.

Bristina, Karlie, Me and Mark

Hallie and Addi chill'n

Porter and Jordan caught lizard the entire time on the hike. Porter loved it,
he said "This is the best adventure ever." He brought one of the lizards home...oh ya!
Addi sure knows how to pose for a picture.

We finally made it to are destination! It was a pretty fun hike.

The guys road their trail bikes a lot, they love it, it's good brotherly bonding.

(Jordan, Mark and Ryan)

The last day we took the kids swimming, it's so funny how much they love the water.
It was a great Moab trip with some of the family, flash floods and all. There was just enough sunshine to do what we wanted.
Uncle Mark teasing Porter and Addi.