Addison turns 4

Were do I begin? My sweet Addi turned 4 on the 24th, We've all said it before but really where does the time go? Addi is such a special sweet little girl, I feel SO BLESSED and THANKFUL to be her mother, how LUCKY am I?! She has the most contagious smile and her big brown eyes, well you just can't say "no". She loves cats and dogs, well all animals for that matter. She is finally getting into the Princesses...I've been waiting for this moment. She loves to play dress up and Dora. She enjoys going to Preschool and loves her teachers. She is or try to be mommas little helper around the house. Addi all I can say is that, "I love you more than words!!!" HAPPY BIRTHDAY HONEY!

Addi's cousin Brooklyn's Birthday is the day before hers, so my sister and I took them to Chucke Cheese's...they had a BLAST!!

Look at how excited she is...

Once her Daddy got home from work we went out to eat at Carl's Jr... Addi's choice of course. Then we come home and gave her her gift from us, a big girl Princess bike. She was ecstatic, the smile on her face was priceless. She also got a Princess helmet and pads.

To go along with the Princess theme this year she picked out a Princess cake, and it had to be chocolate...that's my girl!!!

Addi we hope you had a WONDERFUL Birthday! We feel so blessed to have you as our daughter and we LOVE you and your sweet BIG personality!!!

Party #1

Last Sunday we had a Birthday party on my side of the family for the three Birthday girls...they are all in the same week. Brooklyn and Addison both turned 4 and sweet little Jerzey turn the wonderful 2's. I always say, "cousins make the best friends!!!" Happy Birthday Girls!

Addi in her adorable birthday outfit!

Addi got, Princess dress up clothes and Pet Shops, a talking baby, Puppy's in my Pocket and money. Thank you everyone, she LOVES it all.


Love Day Celebration

We started our Valentines Day on Saturday, my sister took the kids (thank you Heather) so Jordan and I could go on our "HOT" date! We just went to the movies (Valentines Day) and went to dinner, Dalton's (for the live music, not the food). Then we went and picked up the kids and took them out for ice cream at Cold Stone to end our date. It was a nice Valentines celebration!

All I asked for was a Love Letter (which I did get and is always my FAVORITE gift), along with chocolate covered strawberries
and these FABULOUS surprises...black sweater Uggs, Juicy Couture Sunglasses and these all too sexy Christian LouBoutin stilettos! Thank You Babe, I love all my surprises and I love you!!

These needed a close up... they are just way too hot!

Valentines Sunday...
My gorgeous kids!

The kiddos opening their Valentines surprise, nothing too great.

Porter got a G.I. Joe water gun and candy (he loves toy guns).
My Addi still loves doggies, so she just got a little puppy, new earings and candy.
They were happy, so that's good!

My Princess Fiona got a new puppy chew toy , she went wild with it.

My Adorable kids made me home made cards...I LOVE gifts like that, they are worth more to me than anything money can buy! Thank You Kids!

Later that night we headed to Jordan's parents for a Valentines dinner and decorated sugar cookies. It was a great way to end our Valentines celebration!
Jeff, Ryker, Porter, Brayden and Taylor having a good time decorating cookies.

Addi loaded her cookie up with frosting, there wasn't much cookie compared to the amount of frosting...she is so funny! We just had such a FUN Valentines spending it with family and each other.


Disco Night

I used to go disco skating way back when with my sweet friends and we always had a BLAST! I have such great memories with them (I miss you guys). One day I thought why did I ever stop going, just because I am a mom and married now...oh no! So me and my good friend Amanda planed a girls night out for disco night at Classic skating. We invited a lot of people and a lot of people missed out on a fun night.
My sister in-law Karlie, Kallie, Amanda and my other sister in-law Amber had such a FUN and CRAZY night. I skated for 2 1/2 hrs straight, I was having too much fun to stop.

I had so much fun dressing up, that was part of the fun. We will defiantly be doing it again...soon!

Thanks girls for a FUN night!!