My BIG First Grader

My how the summer past by...we had a great one!
Porter was so excited to start first grade, I on the other hand had mixed feelings.
The night before his dad gave him a special blessing for the school year as well as Addi, so that calmed my nerves somewhat. I still was a stalker mom and took pics every step of the way...here are a few.

He picked flowers for his sweet teacher Mrs. Olsen.

I am very excited about his teacher this year, she seems sooooo nice and caring.

His very own desk!

Yes, I even showed up at lunch to take pics of his first school lunch... he was so excited about this part of first grade.
He found his friend Brock from Kindergarten class to sit by.

He had a wonderful first day of First Grade.
I even made it!
We LOVE ya bud!