Our Easter

I just LOVE Easter, I love the candy and most importantly the reason we celebrate it...Our Savior!
Porter woke us up at 3 in the morning so excited to go see what the Bunny left him. I made him crawl in bed with me until 7, then we woke up Addi and Dad.
The Easter Bunny always leaves a trail of treats from their rooms, down the hall and to their baskets.

Fiona trying to sneak a treat!

The kids were so excite for all the surprises in their baskets.

The kids favorite surprises the bunny left them, Porter's was the glow in the dark frogs a Wii game, Alvin and the chipmunks DVD. Addi just loved her Bunny and The Princess and the Frog DVD.
But the BEST surprise was the Beautiful picture of our Savior!

In between conference sessions we went to my moms for lunch and an Easter egg hunt (in the house). Here are some of the kids waiting while we were hiding the eggs.

Addi and Joclyn finding LOTS of candy and eggs (15 each).

Porter ran around like a mad man, he was so funny!

All the kids each got a kite and they had a lot of fun flying them, the wind was just right.
We watched the last session of conference at my moms, then headed to Jordan's parents for more Easter fun.

The kids made another killing on eggs!
We are going to have candy for months to come!

It was a great Easter Sunday and Conference was wonderful as always and muchly need. I am so thankful to have the gospel in my life. I know how our Savior's sacrifice has and will bless me and my family in our lives! Hope you all had a wonderful Easter!


Roll'n, Roll'n, Roll'n...

Keep those eggs a roll'n!
We had the annual Harris Easter egg roll on Monday (before the weather turned bad).
We always have so much fun, we roast hot dogs, the kids get nice and dirty and we have a Easter egg roll and all the kids get prizes. It is such a fun tradition and we enjoy being with our family!
Coloring our eggs with markers, (I didn't have any thing else).

Roasting the hot dogs...yummy!

The kids getting nice and dirty!!!

All the kids getting ready to start the egg roll'n.

Porter came in first and picked squirt guns and Addi came in second and she picked a cute finger nail polish set. I guess getting those extra jumbo eggs paid off.
The kids with all their eggs once the roll'n fun was over.
It was another successful Easter egg roll, until next year!
Happy Easter to you all!