Happy Halloween

Porter as Captain Jack Sparrow.

Addi as a sweet Kitty Cat .

Just goofing off at Salem's trick or treat.

Cousins Trick or Treating at Salem City's bash.
Porter, Brooklyn, Addi, London, Christian and Jocelyn

Four of the cutest Cats around.

Trick or treat time.

The kids had fun waiting for trick or treater's to come to our house.

My GOOFY dad.
Trick or Treating at Great Grandma's house

Addi had a long day trick or treating !
Hope everyone had a HAPPY HALLOWEEN!


Harris Hill Billie Party

Our annual Harris Halloween party .
Each year we have different themes, last year we were Pirates, the year before that
Napoleon Dynamite and this year Hill Billies! We look forward to the parties, they are so much fun and they always go all out! I can't wait to see what they come up with next year!

Our Hill Billie children, oh so cute!

My brother in-law Ryan is so crazy,
he is always the life of the parties.

My hill Billy mother and father in-law.

Hill Billie women of the family.
(Karlie, me, mom, Lindy, Kristen and Amber)

Our gorgeous husbands!
(Ryan, Jordan, Papa, Brent and Jeff)

Our Hill Billie kids playing in a Hill Billie band.
(Brayden, Syd, Porter, Addi and Taylor)

Jordan's birthday is on the 24th, so we always combined
his birthday party with our Halloween party !



Porter and Addi had friends over to decorate
sugar cookies for Halloween.
Addi, Cora, Porter and Titus enjoying their
sugar cookies they decorated.



The finished product!

The kids were so proud of their pumpkins and had alot of fun carving
them, well watching Jordan and I carve them.



Addi thinks she needs to sleep with all these stuffed animals!
This isn't half of what she has, if she slept with them all there would be no room for her.



We spent the last day of our vacation at the warm sunny beach.
The kids couldn't of been happier, playing in the ocean, building sand castles
and covering each other in the sand. It was a great trip!

Kye helping Porter with his tummy board.

Porter loved playing on Kye's tummy board,
he had a hard time sharing it.


Disneyland Day 2

Hayley, Ashton, Lucy, Kye, Amber, Porter, Angie, Addi,
Lola, Fisher and sweet little Millie.

Hayley and I are either super moms or stupid moms for taking the kids on a road trip with out our husbands to California to visit are friend and sister Amber. We rented a mini van loaded to the max so that we could travel together in one car. Hayley was the easiest person to travel with and a great driver, Thanks Hayley for a fun trip and your kids are so sweet, we miss them.
Amber and Todd we want to say THANK YOU 100 times for letting us invade your home ,as well as making us feel welcomed!

Ashton, Kye, Addi, Porter and Lucy

Addi and Porter didn't know what to think about the Hunted Mansion.

Porter going on Indiana Jones for his first time, he is finally tall enough.
He loved the big bolder falling part.

Waiting for the Jedi training.

Porter was the first one to get picked he was so excited!

Porter could not believe what was happening,
he his such a big Star Wars fan!
I love his face in this picture, it explains it all.

My little Jedi fighting Darth Vader. Go Jedi's !

Porter, Ashton and Kye were all Jedi's, they have their certificates to prove it!
What adorable Jedi's!

What a cute Goofy and Princes Mini!

Soaring is one of my favorite rides. That was the first time I had been on it.

Sweet Millie and Addi.
We always need to go into the Lego store cause
Porter loves it, and he gets to pick out Lego's.

It was so fun to see all the Halloween decorations up.

I was sad to go, we didn't have enough time there cause Addi got sick.

I am already planning our next trip, with my husband this time.