A Very Merry Christmas!

We were so excited Christmas was finally here, we woke up at 6 am to see what Santa brought. We were not disappointed!

Addi wanted Puppies in my Pocket and for
Porter, Star Wars Jubba the Hut Sail Barge.

Porter was so surprised, he couldn't figure out how Santa new he wanted it so bad (he didn't ask for it).

I LOVE to see their HAPPY faces!!!

Porter is showing Fiona what is in her stocking.

Addi also wanted a car she could drive, this is what Jordan and I gave her...she LOVES it!!!

We are such game nerds, we love it. Jordan surprised me with Settlers of Catan and Traders and Barbarians...love it!
I have been waiting for this coat for months, it was worth waiting for!

Jordan got hats, clothes and a big surprise... a flat screen TV!

Jordan and I gave Porter Indian Jones 2 Wii game...he almost passed out when he opened it!

Grandma and Grandpa Goodrich gave Addi the Dora Talking Backpack
and for Porter the Nerf Tag Out, they were soooo excited!

Addi gave Porter this Darth Vader Ship Lego set and he gave Addi a Dora camera.

Addi was excited to go drive her jeep and they also
couldn't wait to try their new sled out.

That night we went to the Harris' for their Christmas party. We ate dinner, played music and of course the Nativity.
Porter played the role of Joseph and his cousin Hannah was Marry, Addi was the cutest wise man I have ever seen!

Sweet Angels Syd, Lydia and Haylie.

It was so cute to see the kids act out the Nativity play. What a great way to end out CHRISTmas day...remembering the birth of our Savior!


We spent Christmas Eve at my parents house this year...we had the traditional ham for dinner, sat around and enjoyed each others company and exchanged family gifts. It was a nice relaxing time not having to rush to another party.
Princess Fiona and Maze (Tiffs baby) looked so ADORABLE in their Christmas dresses!

It was nice having my Grandparents there, Grandma and pa Goodrich and Grandma Hicks.

We drew families this year, my sister Tiff and her family had us.
We got a family game, Pictureka, the UP DVD and lots of goodies. Thanks Loveless family, we love it!!!

These two are more like sisters! Addi and Brooky do love each other.

The kids and their Grandma and Grandpa Goodrich.

We had a WONDERFUL Christmas Eve with our family.


Doggy Cane

Fiona had a fun time chewing up her doggy cane, It kept her occupied for awhile!
We LOVE having her a part of our family, she brings such a different atmosphere to our home.

She is too too cute!!!

Christmas Best...


So Scary

Why is it that Santa is so scary... to the little kids ?
My Grandma Hicks had her annual Christmas party and Santa always makes an appearance. The best part of it all is to watch the poor terrified little ones as we force them on a strange mans lap, all for these good pictures!

Jocelyn and Jerzey don't want anything to do with him!

Addi was so excited to see Santa...until he arrived. She got so scared and started crying but then she got the courage to go tell him what she wanted ( puppies in my pocket).

Just look at the fear on her face as I told her to smile.

Porter was the brave one, he had it all played out what he was going to say to Santa. " I want all my teeth, spy stuff and Nerf tag out". He is too big now to be scared of Santa.
All the kids waiting for their turn on Santa's lap.
It is always so fun to get together with family, I am so blessed with such a wonderful one!

Fun at Grandmas

Grandma Harris and Aunt Lindy prepared Gingerbread Houses for the kids to decorate.
The kids always have so much fun together, but just a little sweeter with candy around!

The Kiddos concentrating on their decorating.

Jeff and Ryan having too much fun helping their little ones!

Porter and Addi's finished houses. They look GREAT kids!
A BIG THANK YOU to Lindy and Sherrie for the fun evening!!!