My whole family (well most of us) headed to Cali over the weekend of July 16th to go see my little sister Bristina aka Stina. Of course right when we pull into the hotel the kids want to go swimming, which was nice after a 12hr drive.
Here is Addi, London, Brock, Kennedy and Porter.
Big sis Jenn, Kennedy, Maia, Mom w/Quintin and sister in law Kasha.

Little Jerzey just relaxing, isn't she so stinking cute...like all my nieces and nephews are!

We took over the entire pool area and we had a BLAST!

My sweet Kiddos!

YES, my nieces and nephews were trying to dunk me...nice try KK!

Good old chicken fights. Brady and Brin against Matt and McKenna.

Even in Cali the hot tub felt good.

Saturday morning my parents went and picked Stina up and brought her to the hotel where she was welcomed with LOVE! We were so excited to see her, especially the kids!
She looks so good and is doing so well!
Everyone wanted her at once, she is very loved!

I love this picture, Addi was so EXCITED to see her Stina!!!

We only had a total of 4hrs w/her, after she had to be back at Teen Challenge we had an hour left. She showed us all around the place and what they did.
This is the chapel area and we took up 5 rows...one BIG happy family!
Brother in law Johnny, Brothers Jake & Matt and Dad with Stina.

We are only missing Heather in this picture, she just had a baby and couldn't come! :(
Sister in laws Kasha & Angela, Mom, Stina, Maia, Tiff and Jenn.

The whole dang clan, well who could come!
It is so great to have a large family, look at all the love and support Stina has!
We LOVE you Stina!!!


Amanda said...

I am so glad that you posted those pictures. It looks like you guys had a blast. It is so good to see Stina look so great.

Heather said...

Thanks for the post! I loved it! I'm still SO sad I couldn't go. :( Thank goodness for a big family. Even if one can't go there is still PLENTY of support. :) Love ya!

Thayne said...

awe! I'm so happy she's doing well. That made me cry. I'm happy that she has so much support, gosh that is awesome!

Ferre Family said...

You all are such a great family! Bristina looks great and I am glad she is doing well.

joven said...

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